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A Few Past Clients

The Backward Kings

Floyd Baty -BMI Writer
Steve Chelmsford
Terry Hester -BMI Writer
Mindy Porter -BMI Writer
Brian Speer -BMI Writer
Steve DiSalvo -BMI Writer
Monty & Briana Roths -Worship Songs
Brandon and Sonia Rogers -Worship Songs
Anne Watson -Worship Songs
Charity Church Of NRH
Christ Family Church



Producer/ Engineer/ Performer/ Songwriter and More

Adrian Enterprises began officially in 1982 (I have used the name since 1975) as an umbrella DBA name. It is a sole-proprietorship with one employee. I do not have Twitter, Facebook or Myspace pages and do not intend to. Since 1968 besides riding motorcycles (have had 8, still have 1) writing, playing, performing and recording music, I have been a Licensed Jouneyman Electrician, a Certified Electronics Technician, a BMI member as both Writer (23 songs) and Publisher (51 songs), a member of MENSA the high IQ organization (IQ 142), a Tattoo Artist, a Church Music Minister / Music Director, a Sound Engineer for a live national network radio broadcast of a local Church Service, an Ordained Evangelist and a member of two motorcycle clubs. During 1998-1999 I gigged locally for one full year earning 100% of my income as a performer. I play drums, keyboards, bass, saxaphone, harmonica and guitar (main instrument).
I have produced 21 albums to date, and engineered many more. Several of our catalog songs are receiving radio airplay and royalties, but we have not to date had any major hits.
Efective 1-1-2014 TCM will cease daily operation. We will maintain and promote from our back catalog, but will no longer accept new music projects.

Adrian 1996

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